Sometimes a particular circumstance can lead to a special bond forming

The nature of our Crisis Program inevitably brings head lice from time to time. Krissy was naturally embarrassed when we discovered this, however, it had to be addressed quickly. Krissy’s regular youth worker was otherwise engaged with other duties, so she explained to Krissy that I would be performing the treatment. Krissy is not so keen on the idea of staff who she is not as well acquainted with. I was aware of this; however, it is not always possible for the youth’s regular youth worker to be available. So, we booked out an office for the next few hours. Krissy was welcomed into “The Salon” with her book, her hot beverage she had prepared and YouTube videos. We had a towel wrapped around her shoulders and all the equipment laid out, just like the real salon experience!  

When she was as comfortable as possible, the treatment began. Krissy was shy about other residents seeing her as she had to wash the treatment out of her hair. Staff were on alert and signaled when the coast was clear to discreetly use a private bathroom. Krissy sat quite content for the entire treatment. Like being at any hairdressing salon; we talked when she felt like it and we had silence when she felt like it. The relationship building was easy, fun and we got the task done. It is safe to say we were more acquainted after that afternoon.

A week later I joined another youth worker to check her hair and ensure the treatment had worked and it had. To say one of my favorite days as a youth worker at Covenant House was dealing with head lice is a comical one but sometimes a particular circumstance can lead to a special bond forming.

Shared by Jean, Youth Worker