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Despite some serious setbacks Nolan worked hard to accomplish his goals!

After a difficult few years back home, Nolan decided he had to leave his hometown as he wanted to change his life around. He settled on Vancouver Island.

But a bad accident derailed Nolan’s dreams. He suffered a broken collar bone and had to undergo surgery. A friend here in the Lower Mainland offered Nolan a place to stay, and so one cold and rainy day he came to Vancouver.

Sadly, Nolan’s friend let him down. And he was left standing in the cold and the rain in a city he didn’t know with no place to go and nowhere safe to sleep. Apart for his injury Nolan also has a serious physical disability and winter time in the rain and the cold is even harder for him than for others.

One of his friends back home suggested coming to Covenant House Vancouver. Although he was nervous to come to stay with us, he built good relationships with our staff in the Crisis Program right away.

Initially it wasn’t easy for Nolan to learn how to live with other young men, but he worked hard with our youth workers to learn how to communicate with other people. At Covenant House, he learned how to take care of his health, and how to set goals for the future.

Nolan has worked hard to improve his health, has started earning an income and that fresh start he yearned for is now in his sights.

We are proud of Nolan and excited to see what the future holds for him.

Shared by Niall, Youth Worker at our Crisis Program