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Thank you Forever Yours Lingerie!

Forever Yours Lingerie joined our youth for our Women’s Night Chest Care Day. Forever Yours Lingerie donated 26 female identified youth with 2 bras and a few pairs of underwear each.

It is a basic human right to have underwear that fits you, is comfortable and chest care is super important. There was everything from sports bras to T-shirt bras in every colour and style. Our youth we excited to have a choice in both style and size and there was something for every body type.

It is especially difficult for homeless or at-risk youth to find bras as you are often stuck with whatever size has been donated and it can be challenging to find your size. On top of new and gently used bras provided by Forever Yours we also had gift bags and prizes. There was also an inspiration board allowing the youth to share things that help them feel supported.

It was a fantastic night and many of the youth left stating how happy they were to finally have underwear in their size and to feel empowered and supported in their self-care.

Thank you Forever Yours Lingerie!