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A young lady shows determination in life and ice skating!

I recently took some of the youth from our Crisis Program to go ice skating. One youth was new to ice skating and was very excited to go. When she first got onto the ice she was holding onto the sides and waited until an ice-skate trainer (support) became available.  
Out of all the youth that participated in this activity she stayed out the longest, griping tightly onto this trainer until her hands and arms began to hurt. She then bravely decided to skate without holding onto anything. She only fell three times and each time she would get up and continued trying to skate with determination. If that isn’t a great metaphor for the youth, we work with I don’t know what is! The youth we see are so determined even when they “fall down” or are scared.  
After the activity she stated that she had so much fun that she wanted to go skating again and hopes to get a pair of skates for herself one day so that she could keep practicing.    
Shared by Allison, Youth Worker