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Thanking Citrus Hair Salon for putting huge smiles on our youth’s faces!

Recently seven young people had the opportunity to receive hair transformations thanks to Citrus Hair Salon.

Our young people received the all star treatment including snacks, fancy coffees, a selfie studio, hair cuts, washes and styling. It was a very positive experience and many laughs were had. The team at Citrus were amazing with our youth, they were super respectful and made our youth feel so welcomed and appreciated.

One youth hates going to the hair salon and she said that this was the best experience in a salon she had ever had. Another youth was having a really bad day and said that she nearly didn’t come. But she was so glad that she did and it had turned her whole week around.

A huge thank you to all the staff at Citrus Hair Salon for making our youth feel so great and putting huge smiles on their faces.