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Being sober has allowed Maureen and her art to flourish…

Maureen stayed with us for a few months at our Crisis Program and in the beginning had a hard time with the structure. Maureen struggled with substance misuse, but slowly she started to open up to staff about how important art was to her and she began to paint a lot. 

The Crisis Program team was very encouraging of her talent, and she began to trust staff and build strong relationships. Through her art she began to express and find herself. She embraced her sobriety as she couldn’t focus on her art if she was using.  

She started working with our Housing Workers and found an apartment in an area of the city she loved. She moved into her own apartment and continued to keep in contact with staff and invited me to an event at an art gallery where her art was on display. She was so proud of herself, and even sold some paintings that night!  

She said to me that she was grateful she was able to find herself without using substances and has so much more to offer. Being sober has allowed her art to flourish. She was very thankful we understood her, saw her talent and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. I am so grateful to have witnessed this amazing transformation. 

Shared by a Youth Worker at our Crisis Program