We are a sanctuary…

One day I was sitting in the living room with several girls in the Drake Crisis Program. They were having fun chatting and doing each other’s makeup and one girl offered to do makeup for a youth, Eve, who was beginning the process of transitioning from male to female. The girls made Eve up totally, complete with eyeliner and red lipstick. Eve went to the bathroom to check out her new look in the mirror. When she came out, I heard her say to the other girls “that was the first time I’ve looked in the mirror and felt happy” and was beginning to tear up.  
Another youth said to Eve “Eve, it’s gonna be a beautiful transition.” Eve laid back on the couch grinning and said “I know” and gave a happy sigh. It was a heartwarming moment that none of them knew I heard. Many youth who are transitioning come to us to escape unsupportive families, discrimination, and threats of violence. They come to us because we are a sanctuary where they can finally be who they want to be without fear, knowing that we will accept them unconditionally. 

Shared by Jenna, Youth Worker in Crisis Program