We have the best neighbours…

Recently one of our staff members ran into a long time neighbour and they got to chatting. Our neighbour shared the story below, and it touched our hearts. Covenant House is so grateful for our wonderful neighbours and  for the community that surrounds our young people with love and support.

Mike was a lovely young man, who was lucky enough to find Covenant House Vancouver many years ago while transitioning into young adulthood and all the struggles that sometimes go with that. My dog Zero and I would pass him on the corner each day where there was an outdoor space. They quickly fell in love with each other and I made a point of bringing Zero by each day to visit. I believe it gave Mike such joy, as Zero would kiss him up (no questions asked) and get his hugs as we got to know him over about a year period.

Zero even brought a Valentine Day card and treats to his favorite friend. We have now all gotten a little older and we still see Mike in the neighborhood, doing well and I believe working to help other youth feel secure in themselves and know they are valued. 💛Kindness goes a long way

Thanks Covenant House for being there for those who need a hand.