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We slowly get to know Larry…

Earlier this year we had a youth stay with us named Larry. He told us that he had a hard upbringing and did not have a lot growing up. He had been with us for a couple of months at the Crisis Program but did not spend much time in the space. He was working full time and was struggling with needing to be in a shelter. We weren’t sure where he was spending his free time, but he did not hang around our space much. 

Over the weeks I slowly got to know Larry a little bit better. One day Larry told me that he had been spending his spare time at his sister’s place looking after his niece when his sister went to work. Larry really wanted to get something for his niece, and we had just received a donation of teddy bears. We gave one of the teddy bears to Larry and he was so happy to be able to bring something special to his niece. 

Shared by Youth Worker, Cora