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Cynthia stabilizes her mental health at our Crisis Program

Cynthia came to our Crisis Program after she needed to leave her job for mental health reasons. Due to this unforeseen unemployment she was kicked out of her apartment because she was unable to pay rent.  
In the two months that Cynthia stayed with us, we were able to support her in getting through a lot of confusing and overwhelming paperwork, get on the correct medications needed for her mental health and help her through a very difficult legal situation.  

Once stabilized Cynthia was ready to move into rental housing again with a roommate. Even though she lives far away from downtown Cynthia still makes a point of stopping by to say hello and give us an update on how she’s doing. Cynthia shared that she is so thankful for the support she received while staying at Covenant House and that the structure provided in shelter, although frustrating at the time, really helped her through one of the most difficult times in her life.  
Cynthia shared that her mental health has stabilized, and she feels so much better. Since getting back on her medication, she has been able to get back into a regular routine of full time employment. One of the things Cynthia states that was most beneficial with her daily routine is the support around budgeting she received. She works hard to save money and spend carefully now.  

Although we don’t always see youth after they leave our Crisis Program, when they do come back, they always mention one of the most valuable skills CHV taught them was around saving money and budgeting. Not being able to manage money is one of the reasons many young people find themselves homeless. No one has ever taught them the importance of budgeting their money and how they can avoid money problems in the future. We are so glad we can help with this important life skill.  
-Shared by Emma, Youth Worker, Crisis Program