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Lena feels safe and free for the first time…

Lena stayed in our Crisis Program for almost year. She had arrived in Vancouver fleeing from a country where her rejection of the state religion was a death sentence. Lena reveled in the freedoms she had access to in Canada.  

During her stay Lena learned to swim, bike and had the opportunity to go skiing for the first time. We learned she loved the adrenaline of flying full speed down a hill and scaring her Youth Workers. Lena was always open to new experiences and for the first time she felt safe and free. When asked if she had any family in the Canada Lena would respond she has 23 sisters and 10 mothers and aunties, referring to the other youth and staff at Covenant House Vancouver’s Crisis Program. 

Lena has been in her own housing now for over a month and comes to visit Covenant House at least once a week. She says she is learning to stand on her own two feet and wants to become a youth worker just like those who helped her. 
Shared by Shona, Youth Worker at our Crisis Program