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Catching up on the train…

I recently bumped into a youth who I worked with at our female Crisis Program. Cindy was pleasantly surprised to meet me on the train while I was travelling to work one day. Cindy was bursting to tell me all about her progress she has made in the last 12 months.  
Since transitioning from Covenant House Vancouver to a treatment centre, Cindy’s time at the treatment has been very successful. She has been sober for 12 months and is steadily working on her step 10 of Alcoholics Anonymous.   
Cindy was also excited to share with me that inclusive of her recovery she is now giving back to the treatment centre by doing peer support work. Cindy was very humble and expressed sincere gratitude for the support offered by Covenant House Vancouver.  
It was such a delight to have a catch up with Cindy. 

Shared by Edele, Youth Worker at our Crisis Program