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It’s International Mentoring Day!

Our Mentorship Program gives youth the opportunity to develop healthy and trusting one-to-one relationships with responsible adults. Mentors are adult role-models that commit to supporting a young person to achieve their goals over the course of one year.

To celebrate International Mentoring Day we invited our mentors to share their experiences of mentoring at Covenant House Vancouver.

“Volunteering as a mentor in the mentorship program has been a rewarding experience.  It has taught me that while people are a product of their pasts, they can be masters of their futures.  I enjoy the thoughtful conversations I have with my mentee and the relationship we’ve built.”

“The youths at Covenant House are smart and caring individuals. I am also surprised at how much support Covenant House gives their mentors with regular training sessions.  I have had nothing but great experiences in the mentorship program and encourage others to join if they want to give back to their community”.

“I am motivated to give back and I believe that mentorship can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. I had awesome mentors growing up and it made a huge difference for me”.

“I have learned so much from being a Mentor. It really changed the way I see some of the challenges in our society. Homelessness and trauma especially. I was also stunned to see the resilience of these youth. It was eye-opening, in the best possible way”.

“The program has given me an opportunity to have learned more about interacting with individuals that I normally would not get the chance to and that this is a learning opportunity for both of us.”