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Our youth demonstrate thoughtfulness and kindness

One night, I offered to take a group of Crisis Program youth out for a snack at a coffee shop as a treat. As we were leaving, one of the other staff asked if I could get her a donut while were out. There was some debate among the group of youth about which coffee shop we should go to, which was closest, and where had the most seating. 

After everyone ordered, John reminded me that I needed to buy an extra donut for my co-worker. I asked him what one I should pick, because there were only a couple to choose from. John suggested that we go to another coffee shop, one that he thought would have more variety. I asked him if he would go with me to the other coffee shop, and John said, “we all will”. 

After everyone enjoyed their treats, I walked with the whole group to another coffee shop, where they all selected a donut to bring back for my coworker. It was great to see the thoughtfulness and care demonstrated by the youth, making sure that my coworker wasn’t forgotten. 

Shared by Ashley, Youth Worker