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A creative solution to keep up the social distancing

Our role and responsibility during this time, like anytime, is the health and well-being of young people experiencing homelessness.

We have been listening to the advice of health care professionals and have helped youth to maintain good hygiene and practice social distancing. But as you can imagine, that can be difficult in a shelter enviroment.

Despite that being the case, our team is always ready to be creative, innovative, and flexible.

Recently, our People & Culture (HR) and Finance teams have been working from home as much as possible in order to minimize the number of people in our facilities. And with our Male-identified Crisis Program being very busy, we saw an opportunity and jumped at it.

Our amazing Facilities and Crisis Program staff got to work. And before you knew it, they quickly transformed the office space into a new youth lounge!

This new area will allow for more space between youth. It will also give them a safe space to relax and hang out while practicing safe social distancing.

Here’s a “before and after” comparison of the office space turned into the new youth lounge:

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