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Inspirational Donor Spotlight – John and Claire Nicola

Over the past month, Covenant House Vancouver donors have contacted us to ask what they can do to support young people during this pandemic. Many kind-hearted people have offered food, exercise equipment, hygiene supplies, monetary donations and more. Our donors and supporters truly embody the phrase “we are all in this together”.  

John and Claire Nicola are two donors that believe in giving back and lifting the community up. They have been champions for Covenant House Vancouver and youth experiencing homelessness since 1997.  In the early stages of this pandemic they were quick to see that vulnerable populations were particularly at-risk, and they actively sought out ways to help.

John explains why giving back to Covenant House was important to him, “As the far reaching consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic can be felt throughout the globe, it is the most vulnerable members of our communities who are most effected. Covenant House Vancouver has worked to keep young people off the streets and helped them to rebuild their lives for decades, and their services are now more critical than ever. The Downtown area is one of the most vulnerable for COVID-19 as it is extremely difficult to practice social distancing and isolation. Covenant House is on the front lines in providing a level of safety and security for teenagers and young adults. A gift to Covenant House Vancouver will make a real difference during an extremely challenging time.”

Krista Thompson, CEO of Covenant House Vancouver, shared, “I am so grateful to John and Claire for their impactful donation, their dedication to helping others and for their ongoing commitment to vulnerable youth in our community.”

Thank you, John and Claire Nicola, for standing with those who need it most and encouraging others to do the same!

Claire and John Nicola