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Playing music bingo is a hit with our youth…

We had been running a music bingo night with the youth in our Crisis Program. One of the youth, Catherine, was really excited about this activity. Catherine is a huge music fan and is very knowledgeable about all genres of music but knows the most about rock music.

Catherine was amazingly talented at recognizing a song within the first 3 seconds of hearing it, an intro beat would play, and straightaway Catherine would yell out the song title excitedly. Even though part of the game is that you’re technically supposed to keep quiet about the song so other players can guess it too, no one seemed to mind her calling it out, I think everyone loved seeing how much fun she was having.

After the game Catherine asked, “Can we play again next week, I am so excited to play again, that was so fun?” We told her yes, we are planning on playing same time, same place next week.

Just a few minutes later I walked past Catherine on the computers. She called me over. She had a YouTube tab and a Word Document open. Catherine told me she had already researched over 50 songs for next week’s music bingo and had made her own list of songs. All rock themed of course.

It made me so happy to see how much enjoyment Catherine was getting from playing music bingo. We are always trying to come up with new fun, healthy activities and this one has been a hit!

Shared by from Emma a Youth Worker at our Crisis Program.