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Thanking students Deea, Rosaline and Diya for creating mental wellness kits for the youth at CHV!

Students Deea, Rosaline and Diya applied for a Rising Youth Grant so they could create mental wellness kits for the youth at Covenant House Vancouver. These inspiring young people put together an incredible proposal and were granted $750.00 for their project.

Here is just a piece of their proposal that explains why this project is so important to them:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a devastating rise in mental health issues due to a myriad of reasons, including feelings of isolation that come with being in quarantine (particularly when in hostile living environments), coping with loss, and dealing with feelings of stress and uncertainty. Many vulnerable populations are facing an especially difficult time with their mental health as they combat the challenges brought about by the pandemic as part of a disadvantaged community.

Mental health and wellness kits are becoming popular amidst individuals with mental health issues, as these kits equip them with useful materials they can quickly access in mentally challenging episodes, such as during an anxiety attack. Our team will be distributing mental wellness kits to the youth in the Crisis Program, as well as the Drop-In Centre at Covenant House where homeless youth in crisis can ‘walk in’ for support.

The Rising Youth Grant would be used to fund the items that would make up the mental wellness kit. These items have been proven to provide relief to symptoms of mental disorders and issues – items that stimulate the senses, allow channelling of anxious energy, encourage healthy coping methods, and curb sensory overload (scented ball, modelling clay, sour candy, mazes, notebooks, tea, earplugs). The kits would also include flash cards with advice and tips informed by research for taking care of one’s mental wellbeing during the pandemic.”

We were so impressed by these students. They had an idea, they thought it out, applied for funding and then put the whole project together. It is always amazing to see youth helping other youth and these mental wellness kits are so appreciated.

Thank you to TakingITGlobal, the Government of Canada, and Canada Service Corps for generously supporting this project. And a huge thank you to Deea, Rosaline and Diya for standing with young people experiencing homelessness!

Deea, Rosaline and Diya delivering mental wellness kits to CHV.