Amazing students win a $5000 grant from the Push for Change Foundation!

While in quarantine, students who are part of the group Care to Connect and The Giving Truck participated in the “Promise Project” which aims to engage and empower youth to create a service based learning project that addresses and helps solve the critical issues that put youth at risk in their school or community. Youth pick an area they are passionate about and implement a team project with a chance to win $5000 for their charity or to further their Promise Project.

These amazing students won a $5000 grant from Push for Change Foundation who are the organizers of the Promise Project and they decided to donate the funds to their charity of choice Covenant House Vancouver.

Everyone at Covenant House Vancouver is sending a HUGE thank you to Raisa Jose, Renai Jose, Melanie Wong, Jao Razafindrakotohasina, Sean Ryan and their mentor, Jo-Anne Nykilchyk for their dedication to helping others!