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Susie is committed to making a change…

Susie* stayed with us a few times over the past year. In her most recent stay, she came to us directly from a violent situation and an abusive relationship. When she arrived at our Crisis Program, she told us we were the main support she thought of when she was going through her abusive experience and knew she needed to leave right away.

That alone has stuck with me – that we were the primary support that a youth thought of in their time of need.

Susie was one of the most motivated youth I have ever worked with. In a reflective, introspected way, she let us know how ready she was to leave her negative relationships and friendships, to quit using, and to return home to go to treatment. This was incredible to hear, and I was glad she saw who and what were barriers to her goals. It was clear Susie was ready to make changes in her life and that she was dedicated to the process.

Susie followed through with her decision to return home and go to a residential treatment program.  Before she left, she spent most of her time inside the Crisis Program, staying away from triggering relationships who she recognized might try to persuade her to stay in Vancouver.

The day Susie left, me and another youth worker helped her pack. We also organized transportation for her to the airport. I told Susie how happy I was for her, and how inspiring her motivation was. She, in turn, told us she felt really proud of herself. She also said how glad she was to have made this commitment to herself. She thanked us for our continued support. 

Susie really reminded me of how important our relationship with the youth are, and how meeting youth where they are at with their goals is so valuable.

– Shared by Emma, Youth Worker at our Crisis Program

*Youth’s name has been changed for confidentiality