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A special Valentine’s Day surprise…

At Pender Crisis Program this year, we surprised the youth with a Valentines candy table. As they trickled in one-by-one for dinner, their eyes lit up when they saw the candy table set up at the back of the room.

“What’s all this?” One of them questioned excitedly as he skipped towards the table. I explained that we had set up an assortment of candy and treats for them as a sweet treat after dinner.

“I suppose you want me to eat my dinner first,” he said. I laughed and said that it would probably be wise.  The youth hurriedly ate his meal and rushed back to the table to request an assortment of everything.

“Well… this made my Singles Awareness Day bearable, ” he laughed. Over the course of dinner, each of the youth finished their meals and came up to the table one by one asking for an assortment of their favourite candies and chocolates. 

Each of our youth was very grateful and pleasantly surprised to receive their Valentines treats!

Shared by Desiree, Youth Worker at our Crisis Program.