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Sending a big smile to Omega Dental

Last week Omega Dental provided the opportunity for ten youth to receive dental care and treatments. They completed root canals, cleanings, and fillings for our youth!

“Prolonged homelessness impacts dental and oral health. People experiencing homelessness cannot easily access basic dental services due to a lack of money or insurance to cover the cost, and the inability to make and meet appointments. As a result, they have unmet restorative needs and poor hygienic care. The longer an individual experiences homelessness, the greater the number of missing or decayed teeth and the higher the presence of periodontal disease.” – Shared from Homeless Hub

One youth, in particular, has a lot of dental needs and before this opportunity came up they were struggling with coverage. They had experienced many dental infections in the past. The amazing staff at Omega Dental were able to complete 2 fillings and 2 root canals for this youth. The youth has been showing before and after pictures to everyone they have seen since the appointment.

Sending a big toothy smile and thanks to Omega Dental!