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Sleep Out: Home Edition raises awareness and $165,736.99 for youth homelessness!

Last night, 98 individuals, families and business slept apart but “virtually together” to raise awareness about youth homelessness and to raise funds for our Street Outreach Program.

Sleep Out: Home Edition was a special opportunity to be a part of a positive movement that brought caring people together to help vulnerable youth. The sleepers did not walk a mile in a homeless young person’s shoes, but they took a step towards a greater understanding. They have new perspectives of what youth who are experiencing homelessness are facing, and how resilient and amazing the young people we work with are.

In the evening an online panel consisting of Covenant House frontline staff shared their knowledge and experience about youth homelessness, how Covid-19 has impacted their work, and shared what brings them joy in their roles working with youth.

We heard directly from young people who shared about their journeys. One youth explained, “They taught me to manage my money, different ways to take care of myself, maintain employment, and how to deal with my mental health and school. I want to finish my high school degree and go to college.”

The morning of Sleep Out: Home Edition featured a moving reflection and a short yoga session with Hillary from YYoga.

Big thanks to Vancouver City Hall, the Harbour Centre, and Bentall Tower One and Two for their colourful show of support for Sleep Out. Also sending gratitude to Kim Streit and our anonymous match donor for their incredible support.

Thank you to our sleepers, be proud of yourself for taking action, you stood up for young people and showed them they are seen, heard, and they are loved!

Amazing sleepers