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“I will never forget 2020/2021”, said one youth…

2020/2021 was a tough time for all with Covid-19 looming like a dark cloud about to rain. Throughout this storm, the young people’s resilience has shined through, breaking up the monstrous year with bits of joy. “I will never forget 2020/2021”, said one youth named “Z”.

“It was the year Covenant House Vancouver helped me get one step closer to independence, I can’t thank the staff enough during this time”.

These kind words were shared after Z had held a stable job for months and after Z had accomplished getting accepted into the Rights of Passage Program.

The sweet and simple thanks warmed all our hearts, and we are excited about what is next for Z and know they have the power to succeed even during the most challenging of years.

Shared by Shannon a Youth Worker at our Crisis Program.