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What’s the difference between a Youth Worker, a Social Worker, and a Registered Clinical Counsellor?

At Covenant House Vancouver, we use a holistic and integrated approach to supporting youth to overcome the challenges of homelessness. This means that behind every young person, there’s a team of people that work together to help them achieve the goals they want to achieve in a way that works best for them. Youth Workers, Social Workers, and Registered Clinical Counsellors are three such roles that do the vital work of providing such relentless support for youth in need.

Social Workers help youth navigate difficult services and systems

Social Workers act as a hub of information relating to each youth. They do most of their work behind the scenes and continue to work with youth beyond their time at Covenant House Vancouver.

Registered Clinical Counsellors teach youth to manage their mental health

Mental health is a cornerstone of the care we provide to youth, and our Registered Clinical Counsellors provide that care.

A Youth Worker spends one-on-one time with youth

Youth Workers help youth implement the plan they’ve created with their Social Worker and spend time with them every day. They offer companionship, support, and guidance, and spend the most time with youth of all the front-line staff.