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“Are you serious I can actually do those things right now”

One day while doing Street Outreach we stopped a young adult on the corner of the street rummaging through a garbage can. We introduced ourselves to this youth and asked him if he has ever heard about Covenant House Vancouver.

The youth, Brian, responded that he had stayed in the Crisis Program a few years ago, we told Brian about Community Support Services and the Drop-In Centre as he said he had never been and might be a good place for him considering his current substance use.

Brian got really excited to hear that the Drop-In had showers and laundry machines as he said he really wanted to shower and put on clean clothing. Staff asked if Brian was free now as they could walk back with him to show him where it was. Brian responded, “Are you serious I can actually do those things right now; you guys just made my day”.

Since the day Brian came to our Drop-In Centre a few months ago, he has become a daily delight and comes for hot meals, showers, laundry, clothing and connects with youth workers for support with tasks. Brian is currently working on cutting back his use and working with our Housing Support Workers to find something suitable for him so he can get off the streets.