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It is an honour to run into a former youth seven years later…

Pam remembered me from seven years prior when she had stayed in our Crisis Program. We sometimes lose touch with youth after they age out, move onward and upwards, so it was a real treat to run into Pam again.

Pam regaled me about her time at Covenant House saying she was a “real hard kid but you guys helped me. You guys helped me turn my life around and didn’t give up on me”

Pam is now a mom, married with kids, and getting herself back into the workforce now that her kids were older. I saw this mature, driven, a happily married mom who came to Covenant House insecure, hurt, rejected, and angry. I didn’t get to see the years of transformation, but it was an honour to see Pam now.

I’d like to think we were a helping force in this transformation. I know from experience that transformation comes from within, sometimes these kids just need some unconditional love to help them discover that inner strength.

Shared by Darrick a Team Leader at our Crisis Program