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Bowling Buddies

One Saturday I took the youth to a bowling hall, to bowl, of course, and play billiards. It was not particularly eventful, just a fun moment to engage with some of the youth in the community.

Several of the youth split off ahead, “too cool for school”, as can be expected, while the rest of us walked together, talking, and sharing interests. More than the actual bowling, I really appreciated this moment walking together because of how these youth interacted with each other.

There was one youth with us that is quite shy and has significant challenges in connecting with the other youth in general. This youth sometimes will often say things that are out of context, or ‘chime-in’ to the conversation late. He has a very sweet nature though, is respectful and kind.

There have been suspicions that this youth has been bullied or perhaps exploited by people at points in his life. But, at that moment, as we walked and talked, all that seemed to fade away. In that moment, the rest of the youth extended genuine kindness as well and were inclusive of each person.

It is a simple thing, a basic way of being together, but respect and dignity for all persons, regardless of where they are at, is monumental. In that moment, I was grateful that many of the youth we work with, turn the hardships they have experienced into a sense of compassion and understanding to others.

Shared by Sheena, Youth Worker at our Crisis Program