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Ed works to improve his health at ROP

When *Ed first came to the Rights of Passage Program (ROP), he was shy and had some health concerns. The team worked to build a strong relationship with Ed and slowly he came out of his shell and became more involved in our ROP community.

Ed had been dealing with some health concerns and with support from his doctor and staff at ROP, he decided it was time to make a change. One of the changes that Ed made was to start participating in our recreation program and in other healthy activities. Ed learned to play tennis with staff, and he started biking as well as swimming.

Between getting more active and learning to cook healthy meals Ed’s health really improved. Ed truly became a leader in the ROP Community, and he even led cooking and recreation activities with other youth.

Ed has now moved on from Rights of Passage and is working and living independently. Way to go, Ed!

Shared by Trevor, Youth Worker at Rights of Passage

*Name has been changed to respect youth’s privacy.