Giving Thanks for a Warm Meal and a Connection

On October 11th, Canadians will gather to give thanks for things that many take for granted, like being together as a family, for good health, or for prosperity; but for some, it may feel like there’s very little to feel thankful for.

In Canada, 20% of the homeless population consists of young people between the ages of 13 and 24. For them, there is no home, no sense of family and many suffer from mental and physical health challenges.

Many young people in Vancouver have experienced the hardship of not knowing when they’ll have another warm meal, or a safe and secure place to sleep. Some have been abandoned and neglected by their families, the people they trusted to love and protect them.

At Covenant House Vancouver, Thanksgiving will be a day where youth will enjoy a warm meal together and connection with their Covenant House community. However, Thanksgiving can also be a day where past traumas surface and bring with them painful memories. It’s a day when young people need extra encouragement and extra care—Covenant House Vancouver will be there to provide that care.

Our Kitchen Team will ensure that there will be nutritious and delicious food. Our Youth Workers will provide companionship, guidance and fun. Our Facilities Team will be working hard to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone. And of course, our donor community is always present at every holiday and every meal. Your generous spirit and care is felt everywhere at Covenant House Vancouver.

After a long and hard year, the holidays will be more special than ever. This Thanksgiving, keep others in your thoughts and actions, as you gather with family and friends to give thanks.