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Building a Strong Foundation

We want young people to walk out our doors more secure, stable, and confident than when they walked in. Our long-term model of care gives youth the opportunity to build a strong foundation as they move towards adulthood.

Through the Rights of Passage Program (ROP), we provide youth with safe, affordable housing and support as they transition to independent living. ROP is the most structured of Covenant House Vancouver’s programs. Youth must apply to the program and commit to at least one year of residence.  While in residence, youth live in their own small studio-style apartments, sharing a kitchen and common space with other residents.

The program is designed to have youth create their own stability through life skills. These include things like budgeting, paying bills, cooking, maintaining their home, and finding resources in their community. 

Youth accepted into ROP must complete six purpose-designed steps during their stay. These steps teach autonomy and help to generate the self-confidence youth will need to transition to independent living.

Below you’ll see how one youth, Dev, worked through the steps in 2020. Dev is a composite of several youth in Rights of Passage. He is meant to highlight the adaptations made to the program during the pandemic:

Six Steps for Rights of Passage