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The Christmas Fish

One afternoon Sabrina arrived at Covenant House Vancouver with her bags and two fish. She was fleeing an abusive parent and was unsure of where she could seek refuge as she had fish. Although we can’t always have pets like cats or dogs in our housing, Covenant House made an exception and let Sabrina keep her pet fish here with her.

Sabrina expressed how thankful she was as she did not want to sleep on the streets. Sabrina said she found it difficult to settle in as she never imagined she would be homeless and even considered going back to her home.

Youth Workers let her know all about the Crisis Program and gave her a tour of the building and she instantly felt better about being here. Every afternoon a Youth Worker went with Sabrina to visit her fish and check how they were doing (they were being kept in a safe space in the building).

Sabrina explained how her fish bring her peace and calm when she is feeling stressed. Sabrina said she was so grateful to have somewhere safe to stay this Christmas and that she did not have to give up her pet fish.

Shared by, Clare Youth Worker

*Name changed for confidentiality