Coming together to support a special family at Christmas…

This is an incredible story of kindness and compassion that happened last Christmas during the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been another year of ups and downs, of challenges but also one filled with moments of pure joy and happiness. We hope this story ignites love and hope in your hearts this holiday season, it sure did in ours. Outreach Team Leader Ashley shares about this special experience:

I received a phone call from a community partner on Christmas Eve, looking for help supporting a large family of teenagers and young adults.

A woman had 3 teenagers (ranging from ages 14-19) placed in her care as their mother had just passed away from Covid-19. The woman shared that she had 4 children of her own and was already struggling to provide for them over Christmas. She wanted to ensure that all the kids still got to experience some of the small joys that make this time of year so precious.

Upon hearing this and wanting to help, I got the Drop-In and Outreach Team on the search for backpacks, clothing, and toiletry items. When other teams saw us scrambling around, they also wanted to help. The Kitchen Team provided meals, as well as holiday desserts and treats.

Our Crisis Program had a few extra gifts from our December advent and offered to put together gift bags for the family. They were able to collect 7 of each item, so each child in the family would receive a present.

I then loaded up the van along with a couple of staff and dropped off all the presents and food with the family. The kids were beyond excited, looking through the bags, and pointing out things to their siblings.

It was amazing to be able to help a family in need. It shows the Covenant House Vancouver spirit, watching everyone come together and make Christmas a special occasion for that family.

Outreach van filled with food, goodies, and treats for the family!