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A special story to honour International Mentoring Day

Our Mentorship Program gives youth the opportunity to develop healthy and trusting one-to-one relationships with responsible adults. Mentors are adult role models that commit to supporting young people to achieve their goals over the course of one year.

To celebrate International Mentoring Day, we wanted to share a story of mentorship during the global pandemic:

Albert lived at our Rights of Passage Program (ROP) for about 8 months and was working as well as attending school and completing a practicum.

Albert was getting ready to move out of ROP as he was ready and wanted to live independently in the community. Albert was able to find housing with a roommate in a surrounding community and continued with work and school.

He applied for a mentor before moving out of ROP and waited patiently while we had to change some of the structure due to new protocols and restrictions because of the pandemic. Albert was looking for a mentor who could support him with his professional growth.

During this time, he continued with all his commitments and did his mentee orientation and interview with our Mentorship Coordinator virtually online. Soon we were able to match a mentor with Albert and they connected well, built a positive relationship, and maintain regular contact.

Albert has now finished his school program and has a job in his field that he is passionate about!