Double Your Impact, Double Their Dreams!

Everyone has dreams. Sadly, sometimes life creates obstacles that make those dreams seem impossible to fulfill. But everyone deserves to have a shot at those dreams.

Right now, new monthly donors have the opportunity to double their impact for a whole year! Thanks to an anonymous family foundation, you can help twice as many youth have hope-filled futures of reaching their dreams, by becoming a monthly donor.

But you need to act now! This campaign ends March 15th!

I would like to share with you an inspiring story of a young woman who came to Vancouver with a dream and no place to stay.

Makia’s Journey

Introducing creator/artist, Makia. In February of 2019, Makia came to Vancouver, without any support or structure in her life. She was homeless. For Makia, CHV was a safe place where she was heard and appreciated. During her time at CHV, Makia’s confidence grew, and she began to believe in herself.

Makia has an amazing view on life. She has embraced her journey and her challenges. She’s a musician and a music writer who is working, with a plan to go to music school.

After her stay at CHV, Makia shared her passion for music and her gratitude for all that CHV did for her, by producing her first music video. The take-away message that Makia hopes the viewers will carry with them is to have understanding and compassion for those on a different journey than their own. Makia is inspired by the world. She believes that we can all learn from one another to create bigger possibilities.

You can enjoy Makia’s video below. While enjoying the video, I encourage you to imagine Makia’s journey. Thanks to the support of donors like you, she is now pursuing her creative dreams.