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Sometimes a self-care spa night is the healthy foundation we need

Here at Covenant House, it’s part of everyday life that youth arrive at our doors from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. So, it’s vitally important to us that we create a safe space, as much as possible. A space where young people can relax, let their guard down a bit, and be themselves. In fact, this is often the necessary first step in building a trusting relationship with a young person before they allow us to journey with them and support them in meeting their goals and dreams for the future.

Of course, we approach this idea of building a safe space in a variety of different ways. Sometimes, it’s big things like our trauma-informed approach to case management or our future plans to provide a low-barrier program for young people engaged in drug use:

Other times, it’s the simple, everyday things like meals that celebrate important cultural events, or as Desiree puts it in the video below, “We’re all here to support them in whatever way we can. And sometimes, that’s a face mask”.

Watch the video below to learn more about how something as simple as a spa night became a highlight of our youth’s week—giving them a time and place to unwind and relax.