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Wellness Wednesdays at the Crisis Program

At Covenant House Vancouver we believe in helping young people to build futures beyond the horizon, but what does that mean?

For us, it means working to meet both the immediate needs of young people while providing wrap-around support to impact long-term change. We encourage youth to look beyond the immediate horizon to see their limitless potential and all that is possible in their life.

One of the ways we empower youth is by teaching life skills, including how to:

  • Budget finances and make financial arrangements, including dealing appropriately with government agencies and banks
  • Plan meals and grocery shop on a budget
  • Prepare healthy meals and store food safely
  • Organize transportation and plan their route to and from work
  • Advocate for themselves with their landlord by understanding British Columbia’s Residential Tenancy

At our Crisis Program Wednesdays are Wellness Wednesday. This is an opportunity for youth to practice self-care and learn life skills to support their wellness. Youth Workers and youth do a variety of wellness activities including walks, yoga, and journaling.

At a recent Wellness Wednesday the youth created delicious and nutritious smoothie bowls. Check out the yummy creations: