Lifting Each Other Up this Pink Shirt Day, and Everyday

Pink Shirt Day is a movement built on empathy and kindness in an effort to stand up against bullying and encourage inclusivity.

Starting from humble beginnings in a rural town in Nova Scotia, Pink Shirt Day has grown to be a public anti-bullying movement to celebrate tolerance, equity, and kindness. It started when two students had the courage to stand up for a young boy who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school.

At Covenant House Vancouver, we see first-hand what can happen when we act on principles of love, respect, and relentless support. One hundred and twenty-one youth walk through our doors everyday seeking solace, a safe place to sleep, and warm meals, made with love.

And, we’re more than just a shelter. We offer person-centered care, providing youth with a space that is psychologically, emotionally, and physically safe. We welcome all young people no matter what their circumstance, background, or gender. At Covenant House Vancouver, young people have a place to call home and a community that genuinely cares for them.

#Lifteachotherup is a simple yet powerful message that we aim to lead with every day at Covenant House Vancouver. It encourages us to look out for each other, to celebrate our differences, and to look beyond what separates us, focusing instead on all the things that unite us as people.

Here are three ways you can do your part to help #lifteachotherup:

1. Call out and address bullying when you see it
2. Wear pink on February 22nd
3. Check in with friends, family and community members