Our Spring Match Creates New Beginnings for Vulnerable Youth

As the weather turns warmer and the days get longer, we are embracing the change of seasons and welcoming Spring. While we watch the colder weather dissipate and the new blooms unearth, we are reminded of new beginnings and transformations; a chance to start fresh and start over. 
Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR) is making it possible for hundreds of youth to have the chance to create a new beginning and start over. Our Spring match is on now and made possible by the generous support of YVR, matching every dollar donated, up to $100,000 from now until June 30, 2023.  

Life on the streets is brutally dangerous and on any given night, 500-1,000 youth have no place to call home. Many of the youth who journey to Covenant House Vancouver and access our programs and services, have experienced traumatic life events, such as violence, poverty, abuse, and other forms of trauma, all which can negatively impact their mental and physical health, leading to depression, anxiety and PTSD.  

At Covenant House Vancouver, our work recognizes the deep impact trauma has had on our youth and the importance of building mental health resilience to help them move forward and with their lives and transition to independence.  

We are so fortunate to be in a position where we can help youth work towards a better future and see them succeed. Youth like Nimo.  

Mental Health Supports Lead to Real Change for Nimo

Nimo was just 19 when he was kicked out of his family home as he was struggling with his family relationships.  
Nimo had never had a job and was out on his own without supports. He applied for so many jobs most of those he did not get a response and when he did, he was not able to get past an interview. After a couple of weeks with us we realized that Nimo was struggling with his mental health.  
Nimo spent a lot of time in his room isolated from people around him he did this for some time before he came to me one day and said that he was depressed. It was a long road for Nimo but while at Covenant House Vancouver were able to get him connected to a counsellor and in to see a doctor.  
It was getting connected to these services that helped Nimo make real changes in his life. Before long he got accepted into a work program that he attended every day without fail for 6 weeks, completed a work placement and when that was done, he got a job.  
He continued to work on his mental health and made a huge effort to get connected to people again. Nimo was eventually able to reconnect and mend his relationship with his family.  
We were so glad to be a support for Nimo when he needed it. Be there for youth like Nimo who count on you for critical funds for wrap around services and supports and double your impact with our Spring Match. Your gift will go even farther in helping to create a better future for youth in need. Donate today.