Our Crisis Program isn’t just a bed — it’s a fresh start.

For many youth, entry into our Crisis Program is a transformational step that can change the course of their lives. When they arrive at Covenant House Vancouver, they are scared, sick, hungry, and exhausted. They have all experienced trauma. Our priority is to meet their basic needs: 

• Medical attention 

• Nutritious food 

• A safe place to sleep 

Our 60-bed Crisis Program is a short-term housing program for young people who find themselves without shelter and support. Young people can stay with us for as long as they need and are assigned a semi-private bedroom while in residence, which they call home for the duration of their stay.  

Youth often arrive at the Crisis Program exhausted. They tend to spend their first few days sleeping and eating, as their bodies adjust to not having to be in survival mode. Near the beginning of their stay, youth participate in a short intake process with program staff, so youth workers can meet each individual youth and begin to organize the appropriate supports for their stay. 

The first days in the Crisis Program are relatively unstructured, allowing youth to acclimatize to the space and get their bearings. During this time, youth workers put food aside for youth if they miss meals, encourage them to tend to their hygiene, and pick out new clothing, as well as help them understand and adapt to the structure of their new home. This gentle, but consistent, care signals a level of respect that many have not been exposed to before. It conveys a message of safety and consistency — that we will do what we say we will do — which is key to youth who have experienced trauma. As youth become comfortable in the space and determine that they can move at their own pace, they begin to work with their key youth worker and social worker to set goals for their future and access our other services, such as mental health care and housing support. Youth can also receive employment and education supports, life-skills training, access to Registered Clinical Counsellors, and help with transitioning to independence, when ready. 

Young people can stay in the Crisis Program, free of charge, for as long as they need to, because getting through a crisis takes as long as it takes. When ready, many young people move on to our long-term, supported housing program, Rights of Passage. 

By supporting the Crisis Program, you become a driving force behind the impactful transformation of youth. Your involvement helps break the cycle of homelessness and ignites a spark of hope that can shape futures. Join us in making a difference and fostering a world where every young person can realize their potential.