Non-Profit Day: Embracing the Heart of Our Communities

The province of British Columbia is no stranger to celebrating the vital role that non-profit organizations play in shaping our communities. In a recent proclamation, the BC government has declared October 30, 2023, as “Non-Profit Recognition Day.” This special day aims to shed light on the remarkable contributions of non-profit organizations, the unsung heroes of our society. As we embrace this occasion, let’s delve into the world of non-profits and understand why they are such an essential part of British Columbia’s identity. 

Get to Know Your Non-Profits 

Did you know? 

  • There are more than 31,000 diverse, non-profit organizations in British Columbia1 
  • The nonprofit sector employs 331,000 people in British Columbia, 76% of whom are women2 
  • Community non-profits employ 90,000 people3 
  • The non-profit sector contributes 8.5% of Canada’s GDP — more than the auto, retail, mining, transportation, accommodation, and food service industries4  
  • The non-profit sector provides essential services, builds community resilience, supports social inclusion, creates vibrant spaces through arts and culture, and advocates for social and environmental change  
  • 43.9% of British Columbians volunteer. They contribute a total of 269 million volunteer hours annually5

Covenant House Vancouver 

The non-profit community is filled with community-minded and compassionate organizations. Covenant House Vancouver (CHV) appreciates such a collaborative and supportive community. Together, we are making change — to the lives of at-risk youth, to the community, and through advocacy — to fight for change at the government level. 

  • Dedicated Workforce: CHV employs over 200 full-time staff, who are tirelessly committed to making a difference in the lives of at-risk youth. 
  • Invaluable Volunteers: With a dedicated team of volunteers, CHV extends its reach, providing support and mentorship to youth in various aspects, from cooking meals to leading enriching field trips. 
  • Private Support: Remarkably, nearly 95% of CHV’s funding is privately sourced, showcasing the power of community support in driving change. 
  • Impactful Stats: Last year, we served over 96,000 meals, and 85% of the youth we supported improved their mental health.

Let’s Celebrate and Support Non-Profits! 

Within the non-profit landscape, you’ll find a plethora of community-focused and compassionate organizations. Covenant House Vancouver (CHV) deeply values this spirit of collaboration and support that permeates our community. Together, we’re effecting meaningful change, not only in the lives of at-risk youth but also in the broader community, thanks to our collaborative efforts in providing comprehensive care to those in need. Furthermore, we’re actively engaged in advocacy, striving to create impactful governmental changes that will benefit our cause and those we serve.  

On this Non-Profit Recognition Day, let’s celebrate all of the people tirelessly work to make our communities stronger and more vibrant. Here’s what we can do: 

  • Express Gratitude: Take a moment to thank a person or an organization in the non-profit sector. Let them know their contributions are acknowledged and appreciated. 
  • Acknowledge our Colleagues: Our staff and colleagues within the non-profit sector work selflessly to help those in need. Recognize their dedication and hard work. 
  • Support the Cause: Finally, consider supporting non-profit organizations that are doing the necessary work to create a happier, healthier, and more vibrant community for all. Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, your support can make a meaningful difference. 

Non-Profit Recognition Day is a reminder of the strength of our communities, driven by the selfless dedication of these organizations. It’s a day to celebrate their achievements, acknowledge their struggles, and join hands to build a brighter future together. Let’s appreciate and support the heart of our communities, our non-profit organizations.