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Sleep Out: Executive Edition — It’s Tomorrow!

Sleep Out: Executive Edition happens tomorrow evening!

What is Sleep Out: Executive Edition (SO:EE)? SO:EE is one night where executives, business leaders, and CHV board members come together, in solidarity with homeless youth, to raise critical funds that will be used to help vulnerable youth achieve the futures that they deserve.

This year, passionate advocates from the business community joined forces to create the Sleep Out Executive Cabinet. As a unified entity, the Cabinet is leveraging their resources in the hopes of inspiring other community leaders to join the Sleep Out movement.

Some of the Cabinet members were kind enough to share their stories as to why they have joined Sleep Out.

Meet Ron Sangara

Ron first heard about SO:EE from his daughter, who works at CHV. Ron decided to join SO:EE when he learned that when youth reach the age of 18, they age out of foster care. Essentially, they become homeless.

When Ron was asked to join the Cabinet, he agreed because he wanted to be part of the solution and help vulnerable youth.

As part of the programming for SO:EE, participants listen to a panel discussion, where youth share their stories. A moment that touched Ron’s heart happened when a youth shared their story about the challenges and hardships of being a transgender youth in Northern BC.

Ron feels that SO:EE is important because the event raises awareness in the community about at-risk and vulnerable youth, and it raises significant funds that are used to support youth through the programs and services at CHV. This year’s SO:EE goal is to raise $1 million.

Ron believes that organizations, like CHV, are important in the community because “they solve problems that the government can’t.”

Ron sees himself more as an entrepreneur, than a businessman and he urges other community and business leaders to get involved in Sleep Out because Ron feels that “Helping others who need help is showing gratitude for your good fortune.”

In his parting thoughts about supporting youth who are experiencing homelessness, Ron shows the juxtaposition in society’s views on people who are struggling: “If someone was drowning, we would save them, but people who end up on the street, become invisible to us.”

Thank you, Ron, for your amazing support and advocacy for Sleep Out and for supporting vulnerable youth!

There is still time for you to participate in Sleep Out! You can donate to Ron’s team, or you can donate to Sleep Out directly.

No matter how you choose to participate, you are showing young people in your community that you care. Thank you.