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Andrew Teel’s Philanthropic Impact Through Twoonies for Teens

Meet Andrew Teel, a remarkable young man whose unwavering support has been a pillar for Covenant House Vancouver over the past eight years. As we embark on this holiday season, Andrew has once again illuminated our cause through his Twoonies for Teens campaign, that adds yet another layer to his incredible journey of giving back and inspiring change. We encourage you to read why Andrew supports Covenant House Vancouver and consider a donation to Twoonies for Teens. 

Andrew’s story is one of resilience and triumph. A former foster child who experienced the challenges of bouncing around the foster system, and overcoming significant hurdles, Andrew eventually found his forever home, after asking a stranger, who would eventually become his mom, for a hug, he wanted to help other people experiencing homelessness. 

Andrew’s connection with Covenant House Vancouver began when he discovered the organization’s commitment to supporting youth who face adversity. He kickstarted his philanthropic endeavours with the Twoonies for Teens campaign, which had humble beginnings, with Andrew collecting change in a Pringles can.  

The turning point came in 2016, when Andrew’s Twoonies for Teens campaign gained widespread attention from the media. His heartwarming story captivated audiences, through extensive coverage and interviews, that resulted in Andrew raising close to $50,000 dollars! 

In recognition of his exceptional efforts, in 2017, Andrew was nominated for, and won, a Giving Hearts Award in the category of Outstanding Youth Philanthropist. Additionally, he received the Coast Mental Health’s Courage to Come Back award, in 2020, in the youth category. 

Andrew Teel’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, compassion, and unwavering dedication to make a difference in the community. As we celebrate this holiday season, we are grateful for the impact Andrew has made and continues to make in the lives of those we serve at Covenant House Vancouver. 

We had a chance to talk to, and learn more about, Andrew and discuss his involvement with Covenant House Vancouver: 

  1. What was your motivation behind Twoonies for Teens and why did you choose Covenant House Vancouver to fundraise for?  
    When I was in middle school, I realized that kids who didn’t get adopted, like I did, aged out of foster care. Many became homeless and at risk. I knew I wanted to do something to help them. I tried some different things, but it was when we contacted Covenant House Vancouver and talked to Jennifer Hall that it all came together, and I could help in a way that felt right to me. 

  1. Why should people get involved with Covenant House Vancouver?  
    They should get involved because Covenant House Vancouver changes lives, by giving young people safety, support, resources, and hope. It gives vulnerable young people family-like care. 
  1. What would a world without Covenant House Vancouver look like?  
    That is scary to think about. Youth are desperate when they arrive and Covenant House Vancouver. One of my friends was helped there a couple of years ago and he is doing great. I don’t know what would have happened to him if Covenant House Vancouver didn’t exist.  
  1. What does home mean to you?  
    Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. It’s safety and unconditional love. It is knowing that, no matter what, family will be
    there for you. 

  1. What is your favorite thing about home?  
    The people in it. 

  1. Name three words that describe Covenant House Vancouver?  
    Safety, opportunity, and hope.  
  1. What would you tell a young person who is struggling?  
    Never give up. Even in the darkness, there is light; give yourself time to find it. 

  1. What’s next for Andrew Teel?  
    I am going to continue to learn new things, meet new people, and help those that I can. 

  1. Through all of your experiences, if you could sum up what you’ve learned in one sentence, what would that
    sentence be? 
    Use the hard things in your life as fuel to become the best version of yourself. 

If you’d like to get involved and support Andrew and Covenant House Vancouver, consider giving to his Twoonies for Teens campaign. Your gift to Andrew’s campaign will be tripled by generous donors Kim and Bryan James until December 31st. You can donate directly to Andrew’s fundraising page, here.  
Join us in applauding this young philanthropist who embodies the spirit of giving. Thank you, Andrew, for all of your support and for making a real impact on the lives of the youth we serve. You are such an incredible inspiration, and we are forever grateful for all that you do!