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Lime Hero Rides into Action: Vancouver’s Electric Revolution for Youth Support 

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news! The renowned e-bike and e-scooter company, Lime, has chosen Covenant House Vancouver as the first-ever Lime Hero partner in the Greater Vancouver region. This incredible initiative allows Lime riders to make a difference with every ride by rounding up their fare, as a way of contributing to our mission of supporting at-risk youth. 

Lime’s overarching mission is to envision a future of shared, electric, and carbon-free transportation. As a global leader in shared electric vehicles, Lime collaborates with cities to deploy electric bikes and scooters, that provide convenient and environmentally friendly options for trips under five miles. 

Supporting At-Risk Youth 
At the heart of every impactful partnership, lies a foundation of shared values. The collaboration between Covenant House Vancouver and Lime extends beyond the Lime Hero initiative; it reflects a deep alignment in principles that amplify the positive impact on our community. Whether it’s Covenant House’s commitment to relentless support or Lime’s mission for shared, electric transportation, the partnership embodies a shared vision for uplifting communities and creating positive change. 

Lime Hero’s program will directly benefit Covenant House Vancouver, and the youth we support by giving Lime riders in Richmond, Coquitlam, and the North Shore, the option to round up the cost of their rides, with Lime generously donating the difference to Covenant House Vancouver.  

Lime Hero’s Global Impact 
The Lime Hero program has already made a global impact, with nearly 100 markets participating across 10+ countries. Since its inception, Lime Hero riders have raised over $450,000 for various non-profit organizations, worldwide. In Canada alone, Covenant House Vancouver joins the ranks of impactful initiatives that contribute to clean air, safer streets, youth and community programming, services for people experiencing homelessness, and more. 

“At Lime, we are committed to giving back to the communities we serve and our Lime Hero program helps us and our riders do so in a meaningful way,” says Sonia Kandola, Director of Government Relations from Lime. “We are proud to announce Covenant House Vancouver as our partner for the Metro Vancouver region and we look forward to supporting its efforts to serve youth who are in need and/or experiencing homelessness. We’ve seen success early on in our Lime Hero partnership in Canada and we look forward to building on that here in Vancouver.” 

Environmental Impact 
Since Lime’s launch in Metro Vancouver, over 80,000 riders have taken over 300,000 trips on Lime e-bikes and e-scooters, and have covered more than 700,000 kilometres. Lime riders have played a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions, by an estimated 82 kilograms, and have saved 15,000 litres of gas, by opting for sustainable transportation alternatives. 

The Lime Hero program’s arrival in Greater Vancouver not only enhances the global initiative’s reach but also empowers local communities to make a tangible difference. As riders contribute to the program, they’re not just enjoying Lime’s convenient and eco-friendly rides; they’re actively participating in supporting Covenant House Vancouver’s vital mission.  

“At Covenant House Vancouver, we want to share our immense gratitude for the opportunity to partner with Lime Hero and for every Lime rider’s contribution towards our mission to support vulnerable youth on the path to preventing and ending youth homelessness.” said Tracy Brown, Director, Philanthropy. 

Join us in making a difference—one Lime ride at a time. Head over to App Store or Google Play to download the app and ride carbon-free, and round up your ride to help support vulnerable youth build resilient and independent futures for themselves.