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From Donation to Delight: A Heartwarming Story of Hockey and Hope 

We are thrilled to share a heartwarming story that highlights the profound impact of generosity and support.  
Griff Smith is a compassionate donor to Covenant House Vancouver. Over the last three years, he has organized three-on-three hockey tournaments to raise funds for the youth we serve. Griff reached out to his network when he heard we were looking for a hockey stick donation. A friend of his generously stepped up to donate a hockey stick for this youth anonymously. Thanks to Griff and his friend, a hockey stick has now reached the hands of a deserving young individual. This donation of the hockey stick has brought so much joy and inspiration to this youth’s life.   
This young individual, who has been living independently, has faced challenges related to addiction. Over the years, youth workers at Covenant House Vancouver have been supporting him and have developed a strong relationship with him. They meet him, provide groceries, and share moments over food, coffee, and lunch. He also bravely opened up about his struggles with addiction, and as a result, he is now connected to health services that offer crucial support. 

The youth, who played ice and field hockey during his school days, can now reconnect with the sport he loves. He is eagerly anticipating his return to the game. The hockey stick, generously donated by one of Griff’s friends, holds sentimental value beyond its price tag of over $300. The impact of this gesture extends far beyond the physical gift; it symbolizes a community coming together to make a positive difference in someone’s life. 

Upon receiving the news about the donated hockey stick, the youth was filled with excitement and gratitude. He promptly made his way to Covenant House to pick up the cherished item. The youth worker team, who has been a consistent source of support in the youth’s journey, conveyed the youth’s heartfelt thanks to the donor. 

We want to extend our deepest appreciation to Griff Smith and his friend for their quick and generous response to our call for a hockey stick. Your commitment to positively impacting this youth’s life is truly commendable. 

As we continue to witness the ripple effect of compassion and kindness, we are reminded of the transformative power of community support. Thank you for being a vital part of our Covenant House family and for making stories like these possible.  

Together, we are creating moments of joy, hope, and lasting change for the youth we serve.