Making a Difference: A Journey with Covenant House Vancouver Sleep Out

Meet Taurean Moses, a passionate member of the Sleep Out: Champions Edition Cabinet, who is dedicated to supporting Covenant House’s mission to end youth homelessness. In this blog post, Taurean shares his personal journey, insights, and heartfelt reasons for joining this impactful cause. 
Taureen recounts how he first learned about Sleep Out through his Auntie Darlene, who served as a fundraising director at Covenant House Vancouver. The idea of spending a night outdoors to raise awareness for youth homelessness resonated deeply with Taurean, especially as he and his wife were expecting their first child at the time. 
After conducting research and witnessing the transformative work of Covenant House Vancouver, Taureen knew he had to act. The prospect of supporting vulnerable youth, coupled with the imminent arrival of their own child, solidified his commitment to join Sleep Out. 
At his first Sleep Out event, Taurean shared a memorable experience with us that left a profound impact on him. During the event, he had the privilege of meeting a panel of courageous young individuals who shared their stories of resilience and hope. “Having a chance to hear from these beautiful young folks really allowed me to feel the impact that Covenant House has on changing the trajectory of people’s lives. From that point on, I felt so connected to this campaign.” 

Driven by a desire to expand the reach and impact of Sleep Out, Taurean enthusiastically joined the Sleep Out Cabinet. Collaborating with like-minded individuals fueled Taurean’s passion and determination to make a difference. 
Taurean emphasizes the critical role of Sleep Out in raising essential funds to support Covenant House Vancouver’s comprehensive care programs. From state-of-the-art facilities to mental health services and art therapy, Sleep Out enables Covenant House Vancouver to provide a nurturing environment for youth in need. Taurean shares, “This is such an important event as it raises crucial funds that allow Covenant house to provide the best possible environment and care for youth, for as long as they need it.” 
Taurean underscores the importance of organizations like Covenant House Vancouver in the community. “These programs … are a caveat for folks in need, and provide them with support. Often times, that first step is the most difficult, and Covenant House Vancouver allows young folks a safe and welcoming environment to take that first step towards a better life!“  
As a staunch advocate for youth empowerment, Taurean urges fellow business leaders to get involved with Covenant House Vancouver. Recognizing that “youth are our future,” Taurean believes that “we need to use our resources and networks to help provide opportunities for young folks to chase their dreams. Many of us got help along the way and this is the best opportunity to help others!” 
In closing, Taurean expressed gratitude for the purpose and fulfillment found through involvement with Covenant House Vancouver. He encourages everyone to join the cause and make a meaningful impact in any way possible. 

Additionally, we are thrilled to share that Vancouver International Airport (YVR) recognizes the importance of this cause and is taking action. They’ve coordinated a team of 10 individuals who will advocate, fundraise, and participate in Sleep Out alongside us. Furthermore, YVR has committed to match all funds donated between February 15–29, up to $50,000. This generous support demonstrates the collective effort needed to address youth homelessness and underscores the impact that we can make when we come together as a community. 

Taurean’s dedication and passion for advocating on behalf of homeless youth exemplifies the transformative power of community and compassion. Through initiatives like Sleep Out, individuals like Taurean, and organizations like YVR, we are leading the charge in creating a brighter future for youth. 

Thank you to YVR for this extremely generous matching gift in support of young people! Support a sleeper today and make a difference in the lives of homeless and at-risk youth. Double your impact and have your gift matched here.