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Chelsea Minhas’s TEDx Journey on Youth Homelessness

At a TEDx event earlier this year, Chelsea Minhas, Chief Program Officer at Covenant House Vancouver, delivered a stirring presentation that highlighted the issue of youth homelessness. Drawing from her own journey rooted in her parents’ experiences as homeless youth, Chelsea’s impassioned narrative shed light on the often-overlooked challenges faced by young individuals without homes. 

Chelsea’s 16-year tenure with Covenant House Vancouver underscores her unwavering dedication to addressing the issue of youth homelessness. From her humble beginnings as a youth worker to her current role as Chief Program Officer, Chelsea exemplifies the transformative impact one person can have on an organization and on the lives of those it serves. 

In her talk, Chelsea emphasized the urgent need for intervention, by citing alarming statistics. She also emphasized the need for people to challenge the societal stigmas that surround youth homelessness. Chelsea advocated for innovative solutions that bridge the gap between adult systems and the unique needs of youth, and stressed the importance of open dialogue and creative approaches. 

Chelsea shared inspiring youth success stories that illustrated the potential for change when young people receive the support that they deserve. Chelsea concluded her TEDx talk by urging the audience to act. She emphasized that addressing youth homelessness is a collective responsibility, and she encouraged individuals to volunteer, advocate for change, and support at-risk youth.  

Through her impassioned advocacy, Chelsea reminds us that every young person deserves love, support, and the opportunity to thrive. To watch Chelsea Minhas’s full TEDx talk and join the movement to reduce youth homelessness, click here.

Header photo taken by Ray Shum.