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Inspiring stories about hope and love for youth experiencing homelessness, as well as up-to-date news about Covenant House Vancouver

June marks #PrideMonth

June marks #PrideMonth all over the world. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, gender non-binary, and two-spirited youth are overrepresented in the homeless community. Our doors are always open for youth ages 16 to 24 regardless of their race, sexual orientation, ... Read more

Kristy HayterJune 15, 2021

Thank you Pacific Poke!

The amazing team at Pacific Poke recently stopped by with a variety of Poke Bowls for the youth at Covenant House Vancouver. They provided us with 65 Poke Bowls and the youth enjoyed the colorful, fresh, and healthy dinners from Pacific ... Read more

Kristy HayterJune 09, 2021

“You gave me my life back.”

When Ross arrived at the Crisis Program, he struggled almost daily to cope with his overwhelming anxiety and other mental health concerns. He had a very hard time with social interactions, regulating his emotions, and would become overwhelmed quite easily. ... Read more

Kristy HayterJune 07, 2021

Perfect pasta meals for youth!

Vancouver Food Runners recently stopped by with some very delicious donations thanks to Truffles Fine Foods and the Polygon Gallery. They provided Covenant House Vancouver with 50 beautiful meals prepared by Truffles Fine Foods. These incredible donors provided delicious pasta, garlic bread, and ... Read more

Kristy HayterJune 01, 2021