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Inspiring stories about hope and love for youth experiencing homelessness, as well as up-to-date news about Covenant House Vancouver

Under One Roof: Helping Youth With Housing

In our latest episode of the Under One Roof podcast, we speak with Marc Lefebvre, Covenant House Vancouver’s Housing Support Worker, about housing for youth. Under One Roof is your opportunity to hear in-depth conversations with subject matter experts. Our podcasts feature a ... Read more

Jason BosherMay 19, 2022

Our Spring Match Campaign Is On Now!

Thanks to the generosity of the estate of Mr. Roman Babicki, any donation made from now until June 30, 2022 (up to $195,000), will be matched for double the impact. Covenant House Vancouver exists, now more than ever, to support ... Read more

Jason BosherMay 18, 2022

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, gender non-binary and two spirited youth are overrepresented in the homeless community. We strongly believe all youth deserve unconditional love and absolute respect and LGBTQIA2S+ youth are no exception. 25%–40% of homeless youth are LGBTQIA2S+Family ... Read more

Jason BosherMay 17, 2022

Thank you, Nordstrom!

We are thrilled to receive a generous grant from Nordstrom Cares for our Outreach program. Covenant House Vancouver’s Outreach Team helps young people, age 16 to 24, who are living on, or at risk of living on, Vancouver’s streets, as ... Read more

Jason BosherMay 13, 2022

The Raven Creation Story

The term creation can be used in many contexts, including: mythological tales, religious teachings, artistic endeavours, and future possibilities. And sometimes, different contexts can find themselves woven together in the tapestry of life. The Raven, part 1 It all started ... Read more

Jason BosherMay 10, 2022

Thank You Colour Time!

The team at Colour Time Printing & Digital Imaging continue to come up with new and creative ways to support youth and Covenant House Vancouver. For years, this community-minded organization has given back with exceptional service, quality collateral and kindness. ... Read more

Jason BosherMay 04, 2022

CHV staff participate in Mental Health Week

This year's CMHA Mental Health Week theme is all about empathy. At Covenant House Vancouver, we strive to continually support and encourage our employees' Eight Dimensions of Wellness which include physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental. Mental ... Read more

Kristy HayterMay 04, 2022

Zacpacs Are Back!

April showers bring May flowers, but this year, April brought with it something to help combat those showers — ZacPacs! What are ZacPacs? ZacPacs are the result of one young person’s desire to help those in need. Zachary Weinberg and ... Read more

Jason BosherMay 03, 2022

It’s CMHA Mental Health Week!

This CMHA Mental Health Week, the focus is on Empathy. It’s the capacity we share as human beings to step into each other’s shoes. To understand where they’re coming from and what they’re feeling. To listen hard and refuse to judge. ... Read more

Kristy HayterMay 02, 2022