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Ombudsperson and Spiritual Care Services

Ombudsperson and Spiritual Care Services


The Ombudsperson plays an impartial and neutral role in our organization. They also ensure that any youth complaints or concerns are addressed in a fair and timely manner. Any youth who disagrees with a decision that’s been made about their care may safely connect with the Ombudsperson who will make sure they are heard and respected.

Spiritual Care

Many of the youth who come to Covenant House have experienced tremendous losses and trauma in their young lives. Our aim is to help youth find meaning and purpose in their lives beyond just the day-to-day survival skills that they are used to.

Our Spiritual Care Services team makes sure that we welcome, support and nurture youth of all faiths and traditions. As a result, we help youth to explore and develop their own spiritual, religious and cultural identities.

If a youth wishes, we can connect them to safe and healthy spiritual, religious or cultural communities. Additionally, our Spiritual Care Services team is available to support youth and staff in times of grief and loss.